Riedel Tokay Furmint wineglasses

Purchase our set of Riedel Tokay Furmint wineglasses, a capturing design specifically developed for Tokay wines.

A Tokay Furmint glass debuted on the events of 12th Tokay Atumn, is a realized dream by RIEDEL wine glass company collaborating with wide generations of expert winemakers to create, upon the request of Tokaj.hu, a most appropriate choice for sampling Tokay Furmint.
Exclusive design for detecting unique tastes and for capturing unique aromas

The set includes 2 exclusive Riedel Tokay Furmint glasses.
Price: 13.000,- HUF/box, item price for one glass is 6.500,- HUF/glass.
Shipping price is indicated in the total price to be paid (Shipping price: MPL, 1980,- Ft.)

If you feel interested for the set of gastro (set of 12 glasses) as a representative of a restaurant, winery or gastronomic establishment please contact us on pohar@tokaj.hu

Reserved set Ft
Shipping price: 1980 Ft
Price: Ft